5 Smallest Horses And Horse Breeds In The World

5 smallest horses text and a Sheltar Pony horse

Durable, strong and adapted to any environment. The primitive horse was small and agile, and today’s pony breeds owe a lot to them. Many pony breeds are descended from native horses from Europe and Asia and have changed very little over time.

Ponies have their place in human society guaranteed, whether they are helping in the mines, pulling loads, under saddle or as pets and pets.

What can exactly make a horse pony is up for the debate. The International Equestrian Federation defines a “pony” as a horse slightly less than 14.2 hh (148 cm or 58.27 in) tall, without shoes.

Yet few small horse breeds mature at that height, and even less, and still earn the name “horse” rather than pony. Examples are the Icelandic horse and the Fjord, both considered horse despite being the size of a pony. The distinction then lies in temperament and use, as well as in the general appearance of the horse.

These are the smallest horses in the World

1. Shetland pony

Pumuckel is a therapy horse, but not one that people ride. Instead, he gets into his mother’s van and goes on trips to see the elderly. That’s because Pumuckel is a Shetland pony, and at just 20 inches tall, he’s probably the smallest horse in the world.

Carola Weidemann and her family live on a large farm in Breckerfeld, Germany, together with two dogs, several horses and several mini Shetland ponies. So when she bought Pumuckel last year, she assumed he would be the same as other ponies who grow to be about 31 inches tall. But Pumuckel (probably named after a mischievous little elf from a German children’s program) stopped growing at about 20 inches.

According to the British Shetland Pony Club, most mini Shetland ponies should weigh about 264 pounds. A pumuckel weighs about 77 pounds.

The Pumuckel is smaller than the Weidemann dogs. Unlike her other ponies, she is allowed in the house and eats breakfast in the kitchen. Then, when it’s time to visit the nursing homes, Pumuckel climbs the ramp into the vehicle, Weidemann straps him into the passenger seat, and off they go.


Weidemann contacted Guinness World Records because Pumuckel is two inches shorter than the current record holder for the world’s smallest horse. Bombel, a mini Appaloosa horse with dwarfism, is 22 inches tall. However, according to Reuters, when the record office responded, it informed Weidemann that smallest horses and ponies must be 4 years old to be considered. Since Pumuckel is only 3, he will have to wait a year for this recognition.

Weidemann told Reuters that she hopes her little stuffed horse, which is so small due to the “vagaries of nature”, will not grow up in the meantime.

Until then, he spends time with his mother, trains and visits the elderly.

“Many of the seniors we visit used to have a relationship with smallest horses and other or farming,” Weidemann told the Westfalenpost in a translated article. “That’s when a lot of emotions come in. Especially when residents weren’t allowed to have visitors and couldn’t see their families, it was a nice change from the dreary daily life. The reaction and feedback I get far outweighs the training and education. It’s a heart thing.” These smallest horses are very costly. These are a height of German shepherd big dog.

2. Noma Pony

Including in our list of the Japanese horses breed, the Noma Pony is only rare. The name refers to one of their original homes, in Noma County, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

Noma Pony horse

Although this breed of small horse is centuries old, descended from Mongolian horses of the 17th century, at one point only six ponies remained, although their numbers slowly increased over time.

Breeding programs in the early 20th century, with the goal of creating better war horses, introduced thoroughbred blood to Japanese horses, including the Noma, and for a time it was illegal to breed small horses. This led to the near extinction of the Noma, as adult Noma ponies reach a height of 10.1 hh (40.4 in/102 cm).

Fortunately, a breeding company founded in 1978 has taken steps to preserve them, with relative success. They are very clean because Noma people do not interbreed with other horses or smallest horses and grow slowly.

3. Guoxia

Standing 10 hands (40 inches / 101 cm) tall, the Guoxia is extremely rare, one of the few known breeds native to China, and the country’s smallest horse breed.

Their name roughly means “under the fruit tree”, probably due to their use in orchards. The ponies stood under the fruit trees as the farmers plucked them and put them in the baskets the ponies carried. The breed was considered extinct until 1981, when some ponies reappeared.

In appearance, Guoxia has a very primitive type, with a small head and ears and a straight back, as well as a short neck. They are browns, grays and groszák. They are from Jingxi, Debao and Tianyang counties in China. Like other small ponies, they are especially good for children to ride and drive. They are quiet and good in rocky environments.

4. Miniature horse

The miniature horse lives up to its name and is one of the smallest horse breeds in the world. Standing roughly 86-97 cm (34-38 in) tall, the miniature horse is very popular around the world.

Although these ponies are small, they have quite a long history. Miniature horses or smallest horses have been around since the 1600s, where they held their place as pets for the nobility and wealthy, and in the 17th century they helped in the coal mines.

Hardy and strong, miniature horses often outlive their full-sized counterparts, often reaching 35 years of age.

Their size comes at a price as it causes breeding difficulties and can lead to overbites and underbites (due to the small size of their jaws compared to the same number of teeth). Another risk is overfeeding. This is a serious risk because, combined with dental problems, it can cause colic – every horse owner’s nightmare.

Why these are popular today?

Miniature horses are popular today as pets and companions for other, larger horses and other farm animals, but they quickly gained a place as guide and assistance horses for the blind and handicapped. Since they live longer, they are definitely a good choice, although they do come with limitations.

Despite their size, miniature horses are smallest horses and have all the instincts and problems of a full-sized horse. This can cause difficulties for guide animals, such as getting into taxis and staying in hotels.

But it’s not just pets: there are miniature horse competitions for showing, jumping and carriage driving. These can include weightlifting or even sledding, in teams or individually.

Miniature horses (sometimes simply “Mini”) vary greatly in shape and general appearance around the world. It is not quite a breed, just as it is a registry for ponies in a height range.

This can include specific breeds such as Falabellas and Shetlands, and a huge variety of shapes and colors from country to country. There is even some dispute as to whether these tiny animals are horses or ponies!

5. Falabella

The Falabella is smallest horse breed of the world. Often counted in miniature horse registries, the Falabella stands 71 ​​cm to 86 cm (21 to 34 in) tall, making it smaller than most miniature horses.

However, despite its size, this small horse breed has more “horse” proportions than “pony” proportions. They often have the cob-type appearance of the ancestors of the Shetland and Welsh Pony breeds. Going back to the 19th century, this Argentine breed also has a strong influence from the Iberian horses of the region, especially the Criollo horse.

Hardy and adaptable, the Falabella lives in any environment, sometimes much better than a full-sized horse. They are surprisingly docile and gentle, even though they live in rustic conditions.

Sometimes pets like, dogs and cats are very pretty but you are not happy with them then you can think about horses because horses are easy to kept. They are enjoyable like riding and more. So always not worry about keeping an horse they very lovable.

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